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~xX!?wHy So SeRiOuS?!Xx~

~xX!!LeTs PuT a SmIlE On ThAt FaCe!!Xx~

!?wHy So SeRiOuS?! a JoKeR fAn CoMmUnItY
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This is a Joker Fan Community.
I'm a sneeky clown that loves to blow up things and hates the bat. HEHAHAHAHA!!


1.) Please No Stealing!! If it's someone else work, don't claim it as your own.
2.) Please use the LJ-Cut technique where it is needed. If your having problems doing this, please ask for help. Instructions on how to do it can be found HERE
3.) Ratings!! Please keep it in the areas of G, PG, PG-13, TV-14, or Light R rating. Remember all ages like to look at these posts and we want to keep it so all ages can be apart of this community. Pleas also rate your stories and images. If they are TV-14 or R please put them under a cut and warn the community.
4.) No Spamming Please!!
5.) Please keep from going off topic, but if need please tell us why.
6.) No certain cuss words allowed. No F-words, C-words, D-words, or any other type of cussing words of that type. Thank you. Only D-words allowed is Damn and so on. Thank You.
7.) Spoilers must be marked and put under LJ-Cut. Thank you all :D

If you want to be one plz message me here on Livejournal right away. Thank you.


!!More Coming Soon!!